How do we change our business hours

Use the Business Hours window to modify business hours settings. By defining different categories of business hours, you can configure other system features, such as the Auto Attendant, to perform different services depending upon the time of day. You can define three distinct service modes: Open, Lunch, and Other, which you can use for any purpose you choose. Any time period that does not fall within these specified hours is considered Closed.

NOTE: Business Hours ignore seconds.

To set business hours settings:

1 Click the Open? check box next to each day of the week on which your institution normally operates.

2 Type the hours of operation for each of the periods: Open, Lunch, and Other.

Enter times using a 24-hour clock (for example, enter 2:30 as 14:30). Any time period that doesn't fall within these specified hours is considered to be closed.

3 Click Apply to effect the changes, or click Reset to reset the window as it was before you began to make changes.