Can we make a group for our button maps and put on many phones

You can define the button mappings for telephone groups. When you assign a telephone to the group, the telephone inherits the group button mappings.

If you modify the button mappings for an individual telephone in a telephone group, you override the group button mappings.

From the Button Mapping window, you can:

  • Click the Modify tab to modify a telephone group.
  • Set the button mappings for a telephone group:

1 Decide which button on the graphic that represents the telephone you want to configure.

2 From the Type drop-down list that is associated with the button on the graphic, select a button type that corresponds to a system function.

3 Type information in the Number and Priority fields, if needed. The use of the Priority and Number fields depends on the selected Button Type function.

4 If needed, select a value in the Ring field, which enables and disables ringing for a line appearance button and to set Delayed Ringing patterns.

5 Click Apply to make the changes and keep this window open or click OK to make the changes and close the window. Click Reset to restore the settings back to their original status or click Cancel to return to the previous window without putting the changes into effect.

NOTE: You can map buttons for an individual telephone or map buttons for an Attendant Console.

Button Mapping Notes

  • Not all Button Type functions are available on all models of telephones.
  • A Lock check box at the Group Mappings level lets you control button inheritance behavior. If you lock a button at the Group Mappings level, a change made to the Group always passes to every telephone in the Group. If you clear the Lock box at the Group Mappings level, you can override the mapping at the device level. An icon at the device level indicates whether you can remap the button.
  • The large Access buttons (the buttons without lights) on 3Com 1102, 2102, and 2102-IR Telephones cannot serve as line appearances.
  • Telephone Button Mappings are part of a device. You assign a set of mappings to an individual by associating a particular device or group to the telephone user.
  • You can configure CoS groups to allow telephone users to map functions to the programmable Access buttons on their own devices.
  • Telephone users can see the Button Mappings in effect for their telephones by accessing the NBX NetSet utility interface with a personal password.
  • Users can use the NBX NetSet utility interface to create and print labels for the Access buttons on their telephones.