How easy is it to make changes to our COS or Class of Service

Class of Service (CoS) is a set of calling permissions that you assign to users. These permissions affect business hour settings and features, such as configurable operators, call privacy, and the ability for telephone users to map telephone buttons. For example, you can create a class where toll calls are allowed during normal business hours (Open), but are not allowed after business hours (Closed).

From the Class of Service window, you can:

  • View the CoS groups configured on this system.

The system includes three default groups:

  • Default User Group - The class applied to a new user profile. You can modify this class to apply the calling permissions that you apply to most users.
  • Super User Group - A class with few restrictions.
  • Default Route Point Group - A class with calling permissions suitable for use with a TAPI Route Point extension.
  • Click Add to add a class of service.
  • Select a CoS group, or CoS groups, that you want to delete and click Remove Selected. To select all groups, enable the Select check box.

You cannot remove the default Class of Service.

  • Click a CoS group to modify a class of service.
  • Click Membership to display and print the CoS and Telephone Group Report, which lists the CoS and telephone groups to which each user is assigned.

Class of Service Notes

  • CoS restrictions do not apply to:
  • Emergency calls (such as calls to 911).
  • System-wide Speed Dial numbers. For example, if you want to enable calling to a specific toll number to all users without regard to their CoS settings, create a System Speed Dial for that number.
  • When you create a new profile, the system assigns the default CoS unless you specify a different one. If you edit the properties of the default CoS, verify that it contains a minimum set of permissions.
  • You can enable or disable Off-site Notification at the system level. The system-wide setting takes precedence over the CoS setting.

Service classes control these types of calls:

  • Intercom
  • External (local, long distance, international, long distance toll-free, and long distance toll)
  • CO Code (optional telephone company services, such as Call Waiting)
  • Trunk to trunk transfers
  • Off-site Notification
  • Configurable operators (destinations pre-selected by the user to which callers are sent if those callers reach the user's voice mail)