Licenses & Keycodes

If you have a 3Com/HP phone system, thinking of purchasing a refurbished one, or if you are a dealer needing to find a new license provider, we are glad you found us.

Below are a list of available NBX and VCX Licenses / Keycodes through December 31, 2030

If you have already purchased a license from us and need help getting it uploaded to your system, you can click here for a quick guide. Or contact us at or call 866-NBX-HELP for a special pricing quote.  We can escalate for same day orders too!!

3Com NBX Licenses / Keycodes

3C10131 JF479A NBX IP Server Site License
3C10132 JD700A NBX On-the-fly Site License
3C10134 JD701A NBX 30 Minutes To 20 Hour APX Upgrade License
3C10135 JD702A NBX 30 Minutes To 80 Hours APX Upgrade License
3C10136 JD703A NBX 30 Minutes To 80 Hours APX Upgrade License
3C10137 JD704A NBX 30 Minutes/4 Ports To 4 Hours/4 Ports APX Upgrade License
3C10138 JD705A NBX 4-hours/4-ports To 20-hours/6-ports APX Upgrade License
3C10139 JD706A NBX 4-hours/4-ports To 80-hours/12-ports APX Upgrade License
3C10207 JD713A NBX V5000 Disk Mirroring Kit
3C10277 JD724A NBX VPIM Site License
3C10280 JD727A NBX CAS Complement Attendant Software
3C10282 JD728A NBX Polycom Speakerphone SIP 3000 Device License
3C10286 JD731A NBX Call Recording Site License
3C10287 JD732A NBX V5000 Call Processor 125 Device Upgrade License
3C10288 JD733A NBX V5000 APX 1P Upgrade
3C10316 JD734A NBX PCXset 1-port Upgrade
3C10317 JD735A NBX V5000 CP N+1 Upgrade
3C10319 JD737A NBX WAV Application Single Port License
3C10327 JD740A NBX V5000 APX 20-port Upgrade
3C10328 JD741A NBX IP N+2-port VTL Tie Line
3C10361 JD743A NBX Citel Analog Gateway License
3C10410 JD757A NBX Group 0 Phone License
3C10411 JD758A NBX Group 1 Phone License
3C10412 JD759A NBX Group 2 Phone License
3C10415 JD760A NBX Group 5 Phone License
3C10440 JD761A NBX ACD 3-agent Upgrade Single Use License
3C10476 JD779A NBX Multi-site Back-up License
3C10500 JF493A NBX R4.2 Software Site License
3C10501 JF494A NBX R4.3 Software Site License
3C10502 JF495A NBX R5.0 Software Site License
3C10503 JD780A NBX R6.0 Software Site License (SIP R6.5 available)
3C10603 JD712A NBX V3001R Disk Mirroring License

3Com VCX Licenses

3CBVBSPL50 JE332A VCX Business IP Phone License 50 Bundle
3CBVBPL50 JE329A VCX Basic IP Phone License 50 Bundle
3CVTPL JE444A VCX Third Party IP Phone License
3CVBSPL JE427A VCX Business IP Phone License
3CVBPL JE426A VCX Basic IP Phone License
3CVAPL JE425A VCX Entry/Analog Phone License
3CBVACDAL5 JE424A VCX ACD 5 Agent License
3CBVACDAL10 JE423A VCX ACD 10 Agent License
3CVACDAL JE422A VCX ACD Agent License
3C0VS73100-05 JE301A VCX 7310 IP Messaging Seat License

Other VCX licenses available