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Reviewing and Testing the Automated Attendant

Your system is not ready until you have reviewed and tested it to verify that all features work as you intend them to work. You can use the following checklist to verify that your system is ready.

  • Do your recorded prompts match your dialpad key actions?
  • Do your Time-dependent Greetings become active at the times you want?
  • Do your Single-digit Transfers and Transfer to the General Mailbox take a caller to a valid destination?
  • When callers reach a mailbox of a Single-digit Transfer and Transfer to the General Mailbox, do they hear an appropriate greeting?
  • Is someone responsible for checking messages sent to Single-digit Transfers and Transfer to the General Mailbox?
  • Do you get an "invalid key" message when you press a key that should not have an action assigned.
  • Does the timeout setting perform the correct action?
  • Do all of your submenu prompts match the submenu dialpad key actions?

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