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It's amazing... You've finally found the NBX, the most talked about phone system in years. You want to buy it or you already have, but you just need some answers!!! Well... You've now found us and we're here to HELP.

First Things First...

The NBX Technology is very unique and can be very difficult to master. No problem, we've already mastered it. So sit back and enjoy owning the FUTURE OF TELEPHONY..... TODAY!!! This website will provide all of the necessary answers and contacts you will need, to install, service, maintain or just enjoy your NBX Phone System(s).

Minute Help is just that. Our certified NBX technicians are available to assist you with the very simple to the very difficult NBX issues. We will be able to HELP with basic programming to complete system failure issues, on a Minute-By-Minute basis...

Service Plans can also be purchased from us. With our service plans, you can receive quality on-site or remote care assistance. You choose the plan that fits your needs. Have an authorized Field Service techs on-site or SAVE a bunch, by allowing our REMOTE techs access to your NBX and leave the driving to us...

Sales Assistance is always available. If you just need help selecting the correct NBX25 items for an upcoming purchase, or you need actual facts and figures on a robust NBX 100 / 750 purchase which encompasses multiple sites and hundreds of phones - our very knowledgeable sales managers and account executives are always here to help...

Warranties can get messy. Especially if you don't have one in place and something goes wrong. Who wants to have their phone system go down and then have NO one running to the rescue. Our warranty packages go from 24 months to an extended 60 months. We can even bundle our warranty packages into a cost effective lease. NO MUSS NO FUSS...

Software downloads are for members only. Clients or customers who have purchased Service Plans or Warranty Packages. From this protected area, you will be able to download the latest enhanced NBX software and releases. PURCHASE GOLD MEMBERSHIP ON LINE: Click Here

Register Online is your first step to receiving NBX HelpDesk support. You will be asked some rather basic questions regarding your company's information and NBX system(s). This is a secured website so feel at ease about providing truthful information about your needs.

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