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Now you can join all of your offices together with NBX ConneXtions Gateway Servers. If you are an end-user or an NBX Dealer, you can now get expert assistance and NBX H.323 Gateway Servers from the NBX HelpDesk. FULLY CONFIGURED and PLUG n' PLAY READY!!!

Rack Mountable - Preloaded - Fully Configured - Plug n' Play Ready


Since the NBX 100 and the Superstack 3 NBX V5000 supports the H.323 Standard, lets understand it a bit better...

The H.323 standard provides a foundation for audio, video, and data communications across IP based networks, including the Internet. By complying with H.323, multimedia products and applications from different vendors can interoperate, allowing users to communicate without concern for compatibility.

An NBX ConneXtions H.323 Gateway provides connections similar to tie lines between existing NBX systems across an IP network. However, it can also support voice connections between a 3Com NBX telephone and other H.323-compliant devices.

ConneXtions H.323 Gateways support communication with:

  • Extensions on other NBX systems that have a ConneXtions gateway.
  • Extensions on PBX systems that have an attached H.323 gateway.
  • H.323 gatekeepers
  • Miscellaneous H.323-compliant end-point devices such as:
  • H.323 telephones
  • Suitably equipped personal computers
  • An emerging class of wireless handsets.

Overview of ConneXtions for Your NBX Phone Systems

ConneXtions is a 3Com software product that is installed on the NBX ConneXtions Gateway Server. It can be purchased directly from us or from your local NBX dealer. ConneXtions can support 2 to 100 voice conversations simultaneously between your multiple offices, throughout the world.

Since our H.323 gateways implement an ITU standard, it allows telephone-like call connections to occur through an IP network. Although this standard addresses the means for transferring data, voice, and images, the NBX ConneXtions H.323 Gateway focuses on delivering low cost, high quality, voice connections through IP networks.

The picture below shows a simplified H.323 connection between two NBX systems. The end-to-end connection is constructed from the coordinated use of Ethernet frames and IP packets that work together to establish a voice connection and then carry voice packets between NBX telephones.

H.323 calls between local and remote NBX telephones are transparent to users, except for the different (IP) dial plan. The NBX Network Call Processor (NCP) sets up the local end of the H.323 call as though it were setting up a call through a line card, however, this connection actually goes to our NBX ConneXtions Gateway Server running the ConneXtions software.

The NBX NCP requests an H.323 port in the ConneXtions software by sending a frame, with a simulated Ethernet address, that contains a requested IP address. The ConneXtions gateway uses this address to request a level three connection between the local router and the remote router associated with another PBX or NBX system. After an IP connection has been established, the ConneXtions software begins a series of H.323 exchanges by using TCP packets on the IP connection.

These H.323 exchanges set up the call and negotiate the type of voice compression that will be used. They also cause the remote NBX (or PBX) system to begin setting up the remote end of the connection.

To learn more about our NBX ConneXtions Gateway Servers and how we can help implement this type of low cost multi-office solution, please contact us toll free at (866) NBX-HELP or register with us.

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