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The Automated Attendant Dialog Box

You use the Automated Attendant dialog box, shown below, to configure Automated Attendants.

Figure 35 - Automated Attendant Dialog Box

Play/Record Extension

The Play/Record Extension field allows you to specify the number of the extension that you will use
for recording and reviewing greetings and prompts. This extension is typically that extension of the
person who is configuring and administering the Automated Attendant.

To specify the Play/Record Extension, enter the extension number in the field and then click Apply.


You use the Add button in the Automated Attendant dialog box to add a new Automated Attendant. The Add Automated Attendant dialog box allows you to specify a name and an extension for a new Automated Attendant and to enable System-wide Greetings for the Automated Attendant.


You use the Modify button in the Automated Attendant dialog box to change the name or extension number of an Automated Attendant.

To modify the name or extension number of Automated Attendant:

1. Highlight the Automated Attendant name.

2. Click the Modify button.

3. Make the desired changes to the name and/or extension in the Modify Auto Attendant dialog box.

4. Click OK to apply the changes and close the dialog box.


The Remove button lets you remove an existing Automated Attendant.

To remove an Automated Attendant:
1.Highlight the Automated Attendant that you want to remove.

2.Click Remove.

You cannot remove the Default Menu Automated Attendant or the Voice Mail
Automated Attendant. They can, however, be modified.

Menu Tree

You use the Menu Tree button to configure the prompts, greetings, main menu and any submenus
for an Automated Attendant. See Configuring Automated Attendant Menus for more information.

System-wide Greetings

You use the System-wide Greetings button to modify the greetings and the start times of the
Time-dependent greetings, including the Morning, Afternoon, and Evening greetings.


The characters "!>" mark the name of any Automated Attendant that has been modified. After
making any changes to an Automated Attendant, the changes must be activated in order to take

1.Highlight the modified Automated Attendant you want to activate.

2.Click the Activate button. The changes made to the Automated Attendant now take effect. The "!>" characters are removed.

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