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Configuring the Automated Attendant using the Voice Application Setup Utility

The Automated Attendant Voice Application Setup Utility provides a series of voice
prompts to guide you through the process of configuring your Automated Attendant.
Although the setup utility lets you perform tasks in any sequence, you might find it easier to
use the following sequence when setting up the system for first time:

  • Plan the system
  • Create profiles (Phantom Mailboxes and destination extensions)
  • Start the Automated Attendant Setup Utility
  • Change the Automated Attendant Setup Utility password
  • Assign actions to dialpad keys
  • Record Greetings and Main Menu prompts
  • Set the Greeting schedule
  • Review and test the system

Starting the Automated Attendant Setup Utility

You can access the setup utility through any NBX telephone.

To Start the Automated Attendant Setup Utility

Using an NBX telephone, lift the handset, and then press the MSG button to access the APX Voice Mail system.

2. At the voice mail password prompt, press *.

3. At the voice mail extension prompt, dial 999.

4. Enter the following default password: 0000

Figure 37 - Logging Into the Automated Attendant Setup Utility

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