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Overview of NBX 100 Software
The following sections describe some of the major features and advantages of the 3Com NBX 100 Communications System.

Automated Attendant
A full-featured call answering service lets you set up automated call handling. You can configure multiple NBX 100 Automated Attendants, each with separate menu structures, to manage incoming calls.

Auto Discovery and Auto Relocation
The NBX Network Control Processor and the NBX phones communicate with each other to streamline configuration. When you connect a new phone, the system can automatically discover it and add it to the configuration database. This communication between devices means that you can move a phone to a new location and it retains its phone number and personal settings. No intervention by the phone system administrator is required.

NBX Resource Pack CD
The NBX 100 includes the NBX Resource Pack CD with the most recent system software for backup and upgrade purposes, optional Windows software from 3Com and third-party vendors, and electronic versions of NBX documentation.

NBX Call Reports
This Windows client program is a standard feature of the NBX 100. It allows you to download calling data about inbound and outbound calls and present it in a simple report or export it to a wide variety of formats for use in spreadsheets, word processors, or reporting programs.

CTI Connectivity
The 3Com NBX 100 Communications System provides a software-based CTI solution through Microsoft TAPI. Because your phone and your computer connect to the same LAN, you do not need any special hardware such as proprietary cards in your computer. The NBX 100 works with TAPI 2.X-compliant CTI applications.

Integrated Voice Mail and Messaging Features
Advanced PowerMail eXchange (APX) is a standard feature of the 3Com NBX 100 Communications System. APX supports Offsite Notification, which can alert you when you receive new voice messages when you are out of the office. APX also includes an IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) mail server which allows you to retrieve voice mail messages through any IMAP-compatible email client.

Integration with Standard Network Devices
Because the NBX phones are 10BASE-T devices, you can connect them to the LAN through an NBX 8-Port Hub Card, or you can use any 10BASE-T-compliant switch or hub.

Standard Business Telephone Features
Call park, conference, speed dial, paging, and so forth--the 3Com NBX 100 Communications System supports the features you expect in a business telephone system.

CTI Applications
The NBX Resource Pack CD also includes demonstration Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) software for you to try. You can install a free 30-day, unlimited-user demonstration of the software. This demonstration license ends 30 days from installation. At the end of the trial period, if you wish to purchase software licenses, please contact your local 3Com Voice Solutions Reseller.

3Com Worktop Pro
3Com Worktop Pro allows users to place and receive phone calls from virtually any Windows-based application. Users can get screen pops, take advantage of a call log feature and built-in address book. Also, a mini-dialer feature allows users to dial a highlighted phone number from anywhere on their computer screen, including web pages.

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